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Hello People of the Universe ! I am welcoming all beings to this blog. My name is Carol Bustamante and I am here to share my life's journey with you. Just to let you know that I am perfectly imperfect and I have a crazy sense of humor. With a touch of" dialed into a higher dimension". HA! I live my life with joy and love most of the time.

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Trust in the love that you are.

Trust the Universal flow of love.

If it light's up your heart( angel tingles) you're connected to the Divine flow.

Trust the entered creation energy.

Co-create your life from the flow.

Call your higher-self in the flow of awareness and consciousness

Ignite the flame of truth within you.

Just observe this feeling.

Allow it

You are always held, loved and supported by Source

Love lights up the soul connection.

Be with yourself.

Trust that you are merging into the Divine flow of your being with ease and grace.

Walk in your truth.

Be the light.

Radiate your love.

I know that you are limitless.

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